Honest Restrictions

Anyone who has the desire to pirate music is going to do it, it is as simple as that.  But what is really disturbing is that many people are actually being driven to music piracy out of anger and lack of musical freedom.  Most legally purchased music comes with built in software which makes it harder to share with others and cuts down the amount of music that can be pirated.  While this system may seem unflawed and a smart way to deter people from sharing their music this software hurts who it is trying to protect the most, the honest music purchaser.  Because most of the people who are using file-sharing sites did not obtain their music through legal means this software that prevents them from sharing their music (both virtually and physically) does not apply to them at all.  Rather the only people whom these restrictions are being placed on are the honest music “purchasers” who pay money for their product “only the legal users pay the price and suffer from the restrictions,” the study said. “Illegal users are not affected because the pirated product does not have DRM restrictions.”(Science Daily) It is this backwards logic that is making people make the switch to illegal file sharing rather than paying for something that they do not truly own.  Because literally anyone can figure out how to obtain free music this dilemma is solely based on morals and while people who purchase their music may feel as if they are doing good for artists the sense that they, “the do-gooders” are being manipulated heavily outweighs the desire to be a honest music purchaser.

You may think that these music restrictions put in place by sites like iTunes don’t effect the general public and are solely important to one of Americas many sects of music nerds, but this conception is wrong.  Almost everyone I know who has bought a new computer or iPod has had some trouble putting the music that they paid for on to their new device.  This is because most music that is purchased digitally has a limit to how many devices you can load said music onto “In many cases, DRM restrictions prevent legal users from doing something as normal as making backup copies of their music.  Because of these inconveniences, some consumers choose to pirate.”(Science Daily) If the music companies are going to keep up with this backwards system who is to say that pirating music is wrong?



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